Kids often sound grumpy about being tired all the time, whether because of a busy day at school or lack of sleep the day before. Although tiredness is a common issue in children and typically poses no danger, there are still a few things that parents should know and do if the child is always tired or chronically exhausted.

  1. Sleeping Issue

Ideally, a child sleeps for around 8 and 10 hours. Staying up for homework until late at night, and waking up for school again in the morning can be a big cause of child tiredness. Conditions such as sleep disruption or sleep apnoea may also cause children to become exhausted.

  1. Medicines

When your child is on particular allergy medication, that can lead to some dizziness or sleepiness.

  1. Chronic Diseases such as Asthma

When a medical condition like asthma is poorly controlled, it can cause shortness of breath and make your child feel exhausted all the time.

  1. Anaemia

Red blood cell deficiency in the body means less oxygen is delivered to the cells of the body. It may be a key factor in causing children to get tired.

  1. Depression or other Mental Disorders

Young kids sometimes believe life is being harsh on them, it may be due to a teacher scolding or disappointment on some of the subjects.  It can make them stressed out leading to both depression and other health issues, causing chronic exhaustion and ongoing fatigue at the end.

As a parent, it is equally important to take decisive action if your child has been complaining about a week or more about tiredness. Take note of the following points:

  • Ask your child about his / her sleeping habits and whether there is something that brings anxiety or tension to them. Ask them how long they suffered from it along with the symptoms associated with it.
  • Get your child for a proper physical exam, and monitor the weight, growth, and other physical abnormalities.
  • Schedule your doctor’s appointment as early as possible, and inform the doctor about the concern that your child faces.
  • Based on diagnosis and advice from the doctor, get the pathology laboratory test done for your boy. Testing for pathology can include urine testing, blood tests, iron profile tests scans such as X-ray or MRI, or even a master health check-up at home. You can refer to the internet to book a whole-body check-up in Lucknow.
  • If the exhaustion is due to the stress of homework and other school tasks, meet with the teacher of your child to address the issue further.


Kids should be fun, playful, and always content. If your child is suffering from tiredness by any chance, the above measures will help you find the source of the issue and improve the overall health of your child.