Importance of Preventive Health Check-up

Someone has really nicely explained the need for preventive health checkup, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It surely is better to be safe than sorry about being late on getting proper treatment for the seriously grown illness. Health care centre in today’s time is doing their finest of efforts to make the ends meet. The initiative taken by the health care bodies today focuses on ways to keep you healthy rather than getting treatments for the unannounced medical emergency. 

In order to maintain the fitness and health of the body, it is important to get a vital stat of how the body is functioning, and with the intention of keeping your health status up-to-date, you need to get regular health check-ups. The diseases are bursting like hot springs these days, nobody knows what kind of disease they are carrying along until it hits really hard. So, with the aim of avoiding such conditions to happen, health care centres at the moment are spreading awareness to get checked once in a while, to know everything inside the body is working just fine.

Available Health Checkup Packages 

  • Healthy Gentleman Package

This package comprises a number of tests those are complete blood count, urinalysis, kidney, bilirubin, serum bone, serum thyroid serum heart, liver test, cholesterol, and prostate cancer-specific antigen test.

  • Healthy Lady Package

This package involves a list of tests as mentioned, complete blood count, complete anaemia profile, haemoglobin, serum bone, bacteria, cardiovascular, thyroid, and cholesterol.

  • Male/Female Senior Citizen

The package includes Creatinine, Calcium, Vitamin D, HS CRP, TSH, Electrolytes, Lipid Profile, Glucose Plasma/Urine, SGOT, SGPT, Total Iron, and inclusive of all the tests mentioned in the gentleman and lady packages.

The cost of full-body health packages differs in different cities around India. The starting range though is from Rs. 999. There might be some compensation when offers are available and the discounts from time to time are the icing to the cake.

To get yourself a cake along with the perfect icing, choose for your regular preventive health checkup. There is a plethora of unending offers and discounts every now and then. The importance of full-body check-ups might be a clear picture to you by now. If there is any problem with going to the pathology to get yourself checked, then the alternative to this situation is to book an online appointment for the health check-up. A lab technician will come down and brief you about the preventive health check-up at home. He will collect the blood sample and your reports will be sent to you online thereafter. 

The world will become colourless if there is nothing fine with health. A person is nothing without a healthy and fit body; the body is the only asset that is going to end up with you when no one else will. Love yourself; keep yourself mentally and physically happy and sappy. For this herd is with you till you bloom like a morning-star, once you lose your charisma, you lose everything. So, hold on to what you can call yours, your own body.

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