Importance of Preventive Health Checkups Packages

It is human tendency to get everything serviced once in a year for its better performance. But what about the performance of your body? Do you get your body routinely checked so that it functions well? Do you not hesitate before double checking the price of the master health checkups packages and trying hard to skip the tests if not much important? Humans do this, they want their appliances, their luxury items to be up-to-date but never pay heed to the servicing of the body, why? It is doing its work, if not efficiently, doesn’t matter.

The doctors are doing their best to make health check-ups as friendly to the people as they can. They are educating their patients to get regular check-ups to avoid anything serious to happen. They are making health digitally convenient so that no one is left out. An executive health check-up in Lucknow or any city of the country is not a bridge that cannot be crossed, but a cake walk.

You can find any issue if building itself internally, way before it hits you to the ground. You can be ready for the health issue trying to set its roots in your body. You can get a timely treatment for the disease and can chuck it off within the speculated time-frame. These are some of the importance of a preventive health check-up.

Now, let’s look into the preventive health checkup packages at home.

  1. Senior Citizen Male and Female

This package carries a number of tests including CBC, TSH, ESR, Lipid Profile, Creatinine, Calcium, Urinalysis, Liver Function Tests, Kidney Function Tests, and Blood Sugar.

  1. Healthy Lady Package

The key tests in this package are CBC, Thyroid, Anaemia Profile, Bacteria, Serum Bone, Heart and Cholesterol.

  1. Healthy Gentleman Package

The tests in this package are Urinalysis, CBC, Kidney test, Liver Test, Cholesterol,  Prostate Cancer Specific Antigen Test, Heart, and Thyroid.

You Can Save Taxes On Regular Health Check-ups

There are terms and conditions to enjoy tax benefits on the preventive health check-ups. According to the Income Tax Act, you can enjoy the tax benefit by paying premiums for parents, self, spouse, and children under section 80D. Also, the number of children in the insurance is limitless. In case you want a medical insurance, your age should be less than 60 years to avail the deduction. Per year deduction on the premium is Rs. 25,000.


The preventive health check-ups packages price in India is quite affordable and considerable. People normally think twice before getting something expensive, also while checking the price of check-up packages. Online pharmacies are making sure to make the most considerate rates so that no one is left out on getting proper health care.