Ok, it’s New Year, let’s make a resolution for Good Health. Isn’t it the same every new year? A pile of unfinished resolutions, a sack of lists buried in the hatchet almost every year and an inch of fat adding on to your body which was the reason for making resolution every day of every year. Aren’t we all tired of making unrealistic goals, which are just forgotten in a fortnight? Till the time we do not reshape/rebuild our lifestyle, we are not going to conclude the prelude of resolutions in our lives.

It is better to transform our lives for good, rather than leading it with an unhealthy body. The resolutions should not just be on the sticky notes but should stick in our heads to initiate with spending a healthy lifestyle. There has to be a concrete health action plan for not just a year but for the lifetime.

Starting and staying healthy does not mean we have to end up in a gym or we have to anyhow work-out. It means stepping ahead and taking every chance we could to kill the extra calories in our diet. Does it sound that difficult? Let’s see what could be done about this:

  • A BIG No to the Soft Drinks

Aerated drinks or carbonated drinks are the unhealthiest beverages to consume. These are basically extra-sweetened soda with a motive to lead you towards a slow decay. They hamper with the functioning of the kidney, liver, heart and promote acid reflux in the system. They are the biggest reason for obesity in the modern world. Healthy alternatives to a soda can be fresh fruit juices, coconut water, lime juice, green tea, green coffee, etc.

  • Start a Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Well, one should always have a leisure breakfast. If healthy is added to the leisure of the breakfast, it can come out to be the treasure for the body. Healthy breakfast ideas are eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, smoothies, wheat germ, berries, green tea, and coffee.

  • Get Regular Health Checkups

In this world, where we are just running and working, we often forget to keep track of our health. This, generally, doesn’t end well. So, people, it is really important to get regular health checkups to know in advance if there is something to take care of, rather than getting hit in our health at the eleventh hour. The most common problem popping up these days is Vitamin D deficiency and lack of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is not good in a long run. It is best to get tested for the deficiencies and start the medication right away.

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