Shipping Policy

Immediately after the invoice is generated, Medszoo embarks to deliver the ordered products to the specific shipping address, through the partner courier service or a delivery boy is allotted for the shipping at the doorstep.

Besides the price of the product ordered, the applicable taxes and additional charges are implemented on the following transactions. Medszoo is legally eligible to charge the shipping fee which directly depends on factors like weight, location, order value, and packaging.

We are accustomed to providing the best ever possible services to our customers and so our 360-degree emphasis includes a safe and fast delivery of the products on the same day the order is placed. We try to deliver the orders made out of Lucknow within 3 days but the dispatch is made on the same day. The only way order could be delayed would be due to traffic, weather conditions, and whether the address is exactly the same or not.

For certain reasons, Medszoo is not responsible for any kind of fault in delivery details. Medszoo is capable of offering urgent deliveries, but that cannot be guaranteed. It is the sole responsibility for the customer to provide an appropriate address for timely deliveries. 

If the customer does not change the address that is wrong and the order is out for delivery, Medszoo is not at all responsible to resend the product to the changed address.

In case the customer modifies his details and uploads them in time, Medszoo is entitled to enquire about the delay. Nevertheless, Medszoo is not accountable for any loss or damage that could occur due to the delay in the delivery time.